Friday, July 07, 2006

Pittsburgh State Of Mind

I am trying to create a little minor revolt over a rule I dont like. Please lend a hand. Also if you don't agree just like shut up. I am right about this one!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Watch Out Disney!

Watch out Exxon. Digging Pitt is expanding it's media empire, but trying to do it on the cheap with the money left after my gas bill is paid. Here comes Digging Pitt Music, another throw it up free for all of reviews, listings and discission about the music scene here. We will be looking for people with interesting stuff to say, but try to be sort of nice. I want this to be place where people can dicuss the merits of Bach and your great band-- "Gang Bang Road Kill" in a single place.

I wanted to be a musician and I still like to sing a lot, but I have no talent. Then, one day I saw the amazing work of Jeff Koons and realized that art could be a great career. Hopefully, talented writers and serious musicians will contribute to this blog so that my opinions are drowned out.

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